James has written and spoken about culture for a wide range of different publications and on television, radio and podcast. You can read a selection of his articles and interviews by clicking on the links below:

“Without Action to Underwrite Risk, Touring Faces a Precarious Future” The Stage (2021)

“Acts of Resistance” 15 Questions (2021)

“Drama Everywhere Except on the Stage” The Sunday Times (2020)

“Theatres Cannot be Turned On and Off Like a Tap – We Need Consistency” The Stage (2020) 

“The Government’s Plan for UK Theatre is Vague and Demoralising – Here’s What We Need” The Guardian (2020) 

“Regional Theatres Need Urgent Help to Survive” The Times (2020)

“The Schoolgirls Who Warned of Rwanda’s Genocide” The Guardian (2019)

“Are We Living In Brave New World’s Nightmare Future?” The Guardian (2016)

“The Herbal Bed” The Independent (2016)

“The Hook: A 60-year Journey to The Stage” WhatsOnStage (2015)

“Politically Provocative Plays Leave the Audience To Make Their Own Minds Up” The Independent (2015) 

“The Hook” The New York Times (2015)

“Arthur Miller As Never Seen BeforeThe Financial Times (2015)

“Theatres Must Learn to Collaborate More” The Guardian (2014)

“The Thrill of Love” The Evening Standard (2013)

“In Ten Minutes Almost a Thousand Men Where Slaughtered” The Daily Telegraph (2013)

“Talking About Her Generation” The Evening Standard (2011)

“American Words, British Production” The Independent (2010)