Judgement Day

by Henrik Ibsen
in a new version by Mike Poulton  
The Print Room (2011)

Michael Pennington
Penny Downie
Sarah Vickers
Philip Correia
Peter Symonds
Andrew Hanratty
Jane Thorne. 

Designer: Mike Britton  
Lighting: Natasha Chivers  
Sound and Music: Richard Hammarton 
Associate Director: Will Wrightson 
Casting: Anji Carroll 
Production Photographs: Sheila Burnett 

★★★★ “Magnificent acting…Dacre’s highly concentrated production offers us a thrilling battle of wills” The Guardian 

★★★★ “A biting and often bitterly dung new adaptation… a strikingly persuasive and pungently well-acted production succeeds in finding the essential human scale of the drama” The Independent 

★★★★ “James Dacre, who directs expertly, continues to prove a name to watch” The Daily Telegraph  

★★★★ “Credit to writer Mike Poulton whose new version of the play gives human scale to a forbidding expedition. It is moreover given a coolly modern look in James Dacre’s lean and sure-footed production.” The Daily Mail 

★★★★  “The restraint of Dacre’s staging and fine, focused performances — particularly from the fierce, yet delicate Downie — allow the ideas to breathe” The Times