Holy Warriors

by David Eldridge
Shakespeare’s Globe (2014) 

Alexander Siddig
Satya Bhabha
Geraldine Alexander
Jolyon Coy
John Hopkins
Ignatius Anthony
Peter Bankole
Jonathan Bonnici
Philip Correia
Kammy Darweish
Paul Hamilton
Rosie Hilal
Sean Jackson
Sean Murray
Daniel Rabin
Sirine Saba
Merit Ariane Stephanos
Obioma Ugoala. 

Composer: Elena Langer 
Designer: Mike Britton 
Movement: Georgina Lamb 
Voice & Dialect: Martin McKellan 
Musical Director: Bill Barclay 
Fights: Terry King 
Associate Director: Eduard Lewis 
Dramaturg: Sarah Dickinson 
Casting: Matilda James 
Production Photographs: Marc Brennner 

★★★★ “David Eldridge’s fantastically ambitious play colonises the Globe in a flamboyantly orchestrated production of great sensuous sweep and dialectical dazzle by James Dacre… a brave, prodigious and rewarding experience.” The Independent 

★★★★ “This beautifully pitched production of a coruscatingly ambitious play offers no answers but it is one of those occasions on which simply asking a properly formulated questions in dramatic form takes more skill and nerve than most can muster.” The Financial Times 

★★★★ “Revels in the conditions of the Globe” WhatsOnStage

★★★★ “A brave, prodigious and rewarding experience.” The Independent